Mr. Ben’s Music: Musical Immersion for Children 0-6
Here's what parents have to say about music with Mr. Ben:
  • "Mr. Ben’s classes are not only engaging, fun and silly for the kids — but also for parents/guardians. We discovered Mr. Ben almost a year ago and have been going to classes weekly since. My 2 1/2 year old twins love him. We have all four CDs. They play endlessly in our car (fine, van) and they never make our ears bleed. My 10 year old niece came with us over the March Break and she loved him, too. Thanks Mr. Ben for the music and the laughs!"
    ~ Danielle (twins, 2.5)

  • "I have yet to have the pleasure of Meeting Mr. Ben in person, However, My daughter's daycare was lucky enough to be able to have him come in every other friday.
    "How can I review Mr. Ben without ever hearing or seeing him?
    "Through my daughter.
    "She's just 2, and because of Mr. Ben, she's learning the days of the week. By Mid week, She starts asking if Mr. Ben will be at our daycare. We've explained that Mr. Ben only comes on some Fridays, but yet every week, by about mid week, she starts asking about Mr. Ben, and if He'll be coming today. She looks forward to it so much!
    "Tonight, we went to a friends for singing christmas carols. She instantly went for the instruments she recognized (shaker egg, Tambourine) and started shaking them - IN TIME - to the music!
    "When I check in on their sessions at daycare, ALL the kids are jumping around, dancing, hold hands or playing instruments - Even the "shy" kids. Mr. Ben appears to be able to pull all the children out of their shells and engage them with music and dance and sillyness.
    "I'd HIGHLY recommend Mr. Ben's Open door music to anyone."
    ~ Alex (daughter, 2)

  • "Ben is a fantastic music teacher. My daughter and I loved every moment of his classes. Ben is animated, child-centered, fun, playful, skilled and knowledgeable. He easily gets kids of all ages and stages singing, dancing, and moving to the rhythms he is teaching. Ben quickly modifies his curricula to follow the interests and imaginations of the kids in his room, all while imparting the musical experiences he had planned for them. Ben genuinely seems to be enjoying himself as much as the kids are. I will follow Ben wherever he teaches classes to enroll my daughter, and I'll recommend him to all my friends."
    ~ Katie D. (daughter, 4)

  • "My tot and I have attended 2 of Ben's Music Together groups now and we love them. Ben is a super musician and facilitator. He is very engaged with both adults and kids and clearly loves his work. He is fun and playful, which both the kids and the adults seem to love. And which I would argue as a Psychotherapist and parent that adults need almost more than the kids! He brought the kids' ideas into the class and was able to go with the flow of what was needed in the group. I would definitely enroll my child in his classes and recommend him to friends."
    ~Stephanie P. (son, 2)

  • ""Music class with Ben,"" as we call it in our family, continues to be a meaningful and invaluable experience. Ben is the main reason we keep signing up to be part of the group! Of all the organized activities we do as a family, Ben's music group has been by far the most enjoyable and worthwhile.
    "Ben has a warm and charismatic personality that both the kids and adults really enjoy. He is very approachable and builds relationships with the individuals in his group. It is amazing to watch the kids interact comfortably with Ben after only a short time. He uses humour and playfulness to engage both kids and adults, making it fun and friendly for everyone involved.
    "Ben is an empathetic and dynamic teacher. He picks up on kids' personalities and interests and adapts both the songs and his methods in response. For example, he gets kids involved in making up new words to the songs. He also uses many different modalities in his approach. Through dancing and actions kids learn kinesthetically and develop their fine and gross motor skills. Ben incorporates tactile learning through the use of a variety of instruments and even everyday household objects. Visual and auditory learning are combined through the use of stories and pictures along with the music itself. Ben also teaches us as parents about how particular elements of a song (rhythm, melody, words, or sounds) relate to children's cognitive development, and how we can continue to appreciate and use these elements on our own.
    "Ben is amazing at making music a very positive social experience. Our son is often very shy in large group settings, so as parents we feel it is important that he have positive experiences in these situations. Through Ben's approach we have watched our son become more comfortable and confident. He now participates more readily in group settings as a result. Ben effectively leads a whole group of kids and their parents in cooperative activities in which everyone ends up singing, playing, dancing and laughing.
    "Our kids come home from "Ben's music class" still singing the songs, and they continue to sing until the next time we get to go."
    ~ Billy & Julia (son 4, & daughter 1)