Mr. Ben’s Music: Musical Immersion for Children 0-6

A Fun & Engaging Caregiver-&-Child Musical Experience!

     With the understanding that music is acquired in the brain very similarly to music (1), Mr. Ben has developed an approach he calls "Musical Immersion," and through a high-energy combination of variopus types of songs, and drawing from a myriad of musical traditions, his aim is to equip children with the basic building blocks of the musical language and instil in them a lifelong love of music.

Group music classes for children ages 0-6 include a dynamic mix of:
  • action songs
  • movement songs
  • silly songs
  • use of percussion instruments
  • scarves, ribbons, parachute songs, stuffies
  • books set to music
  • lullabies & more!

     Through 2020 and 2021 Mr. Ben moved back & forth between online and outdoor classes, first producing a series of musical YouTube "webisodes" with his children, and soon thereafter migrating to live classes via Zoom.

     In the spring of 2022, Mr. Ben began teaching outdoors at Highland Gardens Park from May-October, and indoors at vegan eatery Planted from November-April.